Maldon Festival’s Student Art Initiative: Successful Designs Revealed

The Maldon Festival (June 23rd to July 9th) is delighted to reveal the successful designs from its Student Art Initiative, supported by an award from the Essex County Council Arts and Cultural Fund.  

The successful students all attend Plume, Maldon’s Community Academy.  Their work forms part of the Festival Junior Programme which, in this case, involves students developing designs for the Festival’s flyers, posters, website and social media.  Each artist was given a professional brief and timescale to work to, enabling them to gain the full design experience.   Submissions from five students were highlighted for use by the Festival: Dylan Brown, Billy Charlton, Emmy Hasler, Oliver Matinez and Kaitlynn Rodel.  Some of their work has already been published on 5,000 leaflets which are being distributed across Maldon and Essex.

Festival Director Colin Baldy commented:  “We were very impressed by the standard of the submissions.  All the designs were so good that we are going to post them on our social media for our followers to see.  The aim of this initiative was to enable young people to take part in the behind-the-scenes activities of the Festival, from the design and marketing to the staging and production.  We hope the experience may highlight career paths and provide content for their cv’s.  The designs submitted certainly reveal a real depth of talent and promise amongst our local students.  

To see the designs in full visit our website: or follow our Facebook page by searching for maldonfestival.

Ends May 2023.

Photos show  a selection of the successful designs created for the 2023 Maldon Festival by students at Plume, Maldon’s Community Academy

For more information please contact: Bobbi Davy at or phone 0207 689 5155