Candlelight Concert: The Life of Mystic Margery Kempe 


Tuesday 27th June, 7:30m
St Mary’s Church, Mundon, CM9 6PA 

Leah Stuttard 

Programme:  This candlelight event celebrates the life of East Anglian Mystic Margery Kempe.  She was born around 1373 and became known as a visionary and mystic who was based in Kings Lynn in Norfolk.  As a pilgrim, she visited Rome, Jerusalem, Spain, German and Norway. In this concert, Leah Stuttard using contemporaneous writings and music to illustrate Margery’s life and devotions. Besides readings, the evening includes Gregorian chants, pilgrim songs, medieval English carols and sacred music.  Being on the Pilgrimage route to Bradwell, Mundon Church is the ideal venue for this evocative evening’s entertainment. 


Performer:  Lean Stuttard’s passion for medieval music has taken her from Lancashire where she was born to perform around the world including in Mexico and Russia. She studied at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Switzerland and is herself a dedicated pilgrim.