Maldon Festival lock up a Secure Communities Award from Burg-Wächter

Burg-Wächter is on song with its new scheme supporting local community projects, as it awards The Maldon Festival £500 plus advice and products to help keep the Festival running securely.

Being part of an active and thriving community helps make people feel secure and safe as individuals, which is why encouraging and protecting such communities is the principle behind the Burg-Wächter Secure Communities Scheme.  The Maldon Festival is an important community event for the town and local region.  Over the fortnight, the Festival is faced by a variety of security challenges, including managing remote venues, securing exhibition areas and protecting props and equipment over the fortnight.  Burg-Wächter provides products that keep people’s home, businesses, property, equipment and precious items safe and secure.  Having analysed the Festival’s requirements, the award includes a BURGcam video surveillance camera plus padlocks, security chains, locking cables and a cash box.

The 2019 Maldon Festival runs for a fortnight from 22nd June to 6th July.  With venues including the romantic and remote Mundon church to the Tai Chi Hall, Moot Hall, All Saints Church and St Mary’s Church, the security aspect of running a multi-venue festival was one of the key factors in applying for a Secure Communities Scheme award.   The Director of the Maldon Festival, Colin Baldy commented.  “The receipt of £500 to support the Festival overall, as well as products such as surveillance cameras and solutions which allow us to physically secure storage and equipment is very welcome.  It has helped to secure and protect the running of the Festival financially and physically!  This is a very practical and useful award and we are grateful to Burg-Wächter for its support.”

The Maldon Festival’s programme covers a wide range of music and art, all of which reflect this year’s theme of The Animal Kingdom.  With folk, jazz, orchestral and choral works on offer alongside drumming master-classes and political debates, there is something to appeal to everyone.  For more information on the 2019 programme visit

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